Thursday, March 10, 2011

a dorito, an olive and a circus peanut.

we have doritos in our snack closet. big mistake.

doritos are by far my favorite snack food. when i was a kid, my mom didn't buy them because they would last maybe 2 days in our house. and when she did buy them... i remember my dad saying "ter, put the chips away."

i also love an olive. something about the salt. something about the way it tastes. i crave an olive at least once a day. i have a HUGE jar of olives in the fridge... and i tend to sneak a few every day...

circus peanuts are my favorite summer time snack. i love opening up a fresh bag and eating a few... then leaving the bag open and letting them get stale and hard. i honestly think i ate over 600 circus peanuts last summer alone.

i tend to go over the top with my favorite foods... i eat them like they are my last meal. so having those doritos in the closet are KILLING me. i drive home. and think about a dorito. i am packing my lunch. and i think about a dorito. i am sitting here blogging. and i think of a dorito.

those three foods i love. i have a hard time walking away from them. i have a hard time not obsessing over them.

the doritos are going in the trash. for my own good.

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