Sunday, February 27, 2011

I did it!!

I finished the 30 day Shred Challenge... it was rough... i wanted to quit twice... but i pushed through... thank you for reading my blog and holding me accountable of my healthy living journey. i am nervous to post these pictures but i love seeing before and after shots so i am just going to do it... it is pretty cool the small transformation in my body. i can see the hard work!

Day 1 Measurements:
Hips 41 inches
Arms 12.5 inches
Chest 38.5 inches
thighs 24.5 inches
waist 33 inches
butt 43 inches

Day 30 Measurements
Hips 36.75 iches
Arms 11 inches
Chest 34 inches
Thigh 22
Waist 29.5 inches
Butt 39.75 inches

A grand total of 18.75 inches lost!! woooo hoooo!!



  1. congrats! that's such an accomplishment!

  2. thank you! and so is running 14 miles!! wooo hoo!!

  3. great job! i love that you measured your butt too... hahaha :) you look great!


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