Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Fitbit

i like a good competition. in fact, i am probably the most competitive person i know. i get teary eyed losing at a game of bowling... and i am TERRIBLE at bowling. i put 100% effort into every competition. when i was a kid, i would get upset if i lost at any game. i would get frustrated and angry at others if i was on a losing team. i decided at a young age to run cross country and track because i couldn't handle other competitive sports. if i lost... it was my own fault. i had no one else to blame. 

fast forward to my birthday... tim gave me a Fitbit. in the beginning, it was neat. i loved how it monitored my sleeping and my heart rate. it made me aware of how active i was through the day. 10,000 steps seemed easy for me to get... and it was easy because i am pretty active chasing a toddler around and going for daily walks twice a day. i noticed at the end of the day i was usually around 13,000 steps a day. Sometimes i was higher because of the Couch to 5K and those thirty minute walk/runs can really increase the step count!

on monday, i entered my very first Fitbit challenge... the "Work Week Hustle." it is with some family members... one of whom is my brother. i figured, i had the challenge in the bag since i knew my step count daily was pretty high. i figured i wasn't behind a desk all day and was able to move whenever i wanted... i was really confident... i totally had this. 

man... was i wrong. i am walking/dancing/running and still barely holding on. all day long, i am getting notifications that i am falling behind or that someone is tiptoeing past legs ache every night trying to keep up with the crew. i took advil two nights this week just to fall asleep. 

yesterday morning, i woke up and my Fitbit wasn't working. it was frozen. i could feel myself panicking. my heart was racing. i was getting angry because every step i was taking... wasn't "counting!" After a restart... and an hour of wasted steps... my Fitbit started to work again. However, this morning i woke up... and the same thing happened. i tried restarting. and tried again. nothing. it would constantly freeze and miss so many steps. i had errands to run and things to do so i left the house freaking out that every step i took meant nothing. when i got home at lunch, i restarted it again and prayed it would get working... and it did. but i knew i could never take the lead. i was upset. frustrated. angry. i would have to work extra hard to even get close to my usual daily count. 

and then i realized this has become ridiculous. i am killing myself and exhausted. i NEVER sit. my body hurts. i was not even going to try to make up the steps. i am not going to win. and it will be okay. so... to wrap this post up... this will be the very first and last challenge i do. i am too competitive and i just can't handle it. my name is theresa and i am NOT the winner of the "Work Week Hustle."

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