Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 97

Hard to believe it has been 97 days... it really did go so fast! well... maybe from the month of March on. the first few weeks went slow, but once i hit Day 50... time seriously flew.

another change that i have recognized over the past 100 days is how much better food tastes. so many people have asked me about how do i drink my coffee without sugar. i can honestly say that i think it tastes BETTER without the sugar. and this is coming from a girl who dumped at least 6 teaspoons in her mug. or added six or more sugar packets to my travel cup. 

healthy food has also been tasting so much better to me. fresh vegetables have had such a refreshing taste. avocados have been a craving... instead of a reese cup! there is nothing better than a creamy avocado!

i also have been enjoying fruit for the first time. i honestly have never been a fan of fruit. the fruits that have been standing out to me over the past 100 days are strawberries, blueberries, oranges, grapes, and grapefruit. i will have a strong craving for a grapefruit some mornings instead of a donut! and that grapefruit tastes amazing!!

finally, cheese. i think if i didn't have cheese in my life, giving up sugar would be really hard. all cheese has tickled my tastebuds over the past 100 days. i have done cheese sticks, cheese and crackers, cheese and olives... if it is cheesy, I LOVE IT. 

giving up sugar has definitely made my tastebuds appreciate foods that i have never enjoyed in the past... expanding my palette has definitely been successful over the past 100 days. healthier food just tastes better without the sugar in my life.

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