Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 96

My plan this week is to blog about the different changes that happened to my body over the past 100 days. and there were many!!

one of the biggest changes i have had over the 100 days is my body and brain having more energy.

this could be because i am sleeping better at night. this could also be because sugar just made me tired and gave me no energy.

before the challenge, i would barely be able to keep my eyes open when i got home from work. i would race to bed after the kids were tucked in. it was so difficult to enjoy the boys in the evening because i was so tired.

one night in march i was telling my mom how much more energy i have at night. i do laundry, clean the kitchen, wipe bathrooms down...  i told her i thought it was because of my student teacher taking on more responsibilities in the classroom. she said she thinks it is because i am no longer dragging extra weight around. i NEVER even thought about that being a reason. but it makes sense. Nolan is a little under 30 pounds... i couldn't imagine dragging him around all day without a break. good point mom.

so giving up sugar has given me extra energy at night and i am a much more productive human being at home. this change has helped me be a better wife, mom, and teacher.

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