Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day 98

Oh boy... only two days to go! i'm getting excited to hit the big 100 day mark! this is one of the biggest accomplishments i have ever had... it is almost up there with training and running a marathon!

another change i wanted to share about going "fun" sugar free is my appetite. i had a problem with feeling full. i seriously never ever felt "full." i could eat and eat and eat. and then eat some more and never have a satisfied feeling. this is probably why i could consume huge amounts of food. this is probably why i was never able to lose weight and instead just packed it on.

my appetite has completely changed. i FINALLY feel full! just tonight, i had a pretty solid dinner and left the table pretty content. i also am understanding better when my body is hungry. i am no longer eating out of boredom, stress, or exhaustion. i am eating because i feel hungry. this is all new to me since giving up sugar. when i did weight watchers, i felt hungry and stayed hungry because i ate my allotted points...  i am no longer counting calories or points, i am listening to my body and the hunger cues... something i have never done before!

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