Monday, April 3, 2017


Weighed in this morning. the new number is 163.4 pounds. i lost six pounds total in march. that means i lost 31.4 pounds over three months... this is the most weight i have ever lost in my thirty something years!

i am only 7 pounds away from my landon pre-pregnancy weight. i am also only three pounds away from being in a healthy BMI range. i have been hesitant to set weight goals because i have not been focusing on the numbers this time around...but it would be pretty great to see 159 pounds by May 3rd.

scale is put away until the beginning of May. i am starting to have a plan on my sugar eating habits as i inch closer to the 100th day next thursday.  will i eat every coconut egg i see on easter sunday? will i nibble on a chocolate bunny? or toss a handful of jelly beans in my mouth? will i house a whole bag of cadbury mini eggs, you know, the ones in the purple bag? stay tuned........

what is your favorite easter candy?

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