Saturday, April 22, 2017

Candy cravings.

this has been a very difficult week for me.  i wanted to eat sugar more this week than any other time during the 100 days. there is so much easter candy in this house... and it is killing me. i just love ALL easter candy.

easter baskets sat on our counter all week. those baskets ended up pretty full because of family giving easter candy and of course all the egg hunts landon has gone on over the past week. i kid you not... he has done four egg hunts! i think the kid found 10-15 eggs at each hunt. oh. and nolan of course toddled around and picked a few eggs up too!
so this left a MASSIVE amount of jelly beans, reese cups, chocolate bars, and peeps.

i have been tempted to grab a loose robin egg so many times out of the basket... and the stale peeps! those things has been staring at me ALL week.

i decided today to dump the baskets and put all the candy in a bowl out of sight. best decision i made. out of sight. out of mind. or so i hope.
this made me realize just how much of an addiction to sugar i have! the cravings have been so intense. and i thought the cravings were pretty much gone...

come on may. i am ready for you. i am ready to move on from chocolate bunnies, cadbury eggs, and jelly beans.

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