Saturday, April 15, 2017

More than 100.

the hundredth day has come and gone. i celebrated with a night out with a friend... we went to one of my favorite restaurants (On the Border) and a movie... Beauty and the Beast... which was OUTSTANDING. i didn't want the movie to end!!

when i made the goal of eating no sugar for 100 days, i never expected to see the results i did... i can honestly say that i feel healthy. my body feels so different in a good way. i have energy. i have hardly any cravings anymore. i can walk away from sweets and sugar.

and because of this, i think i am going to continue with the not eating fun sugar. i know if go on a binge, this would tempt me to eat more. and then more. and then get back in the old habit again. its an addiction i know i have. i am amazed at the people who can eat a just a dessert at night. or treat themselves on the weekends. i've done diets before where i do that... and then i seem to fall off the wagon again shortly after. i don't want to get off the wagon... i want to stay on for as long as i can.

it has gotten so easy to just not eat the sweet stuff. so i am going to stick to it for as long as i can. i'll continue to do monthly weigh-ins so i can earn my monthly leggings! i will also be taking the daily photos because that holds me accountable as well!

finally, the easter bunny stopped by tonight... he got the memo that i was no longer eating sweet things anymore... even though easter candy is my favorite! he put a pair of leggings, mascara, chapstick, and a couple candles for me in the basket this year!

Happy Easter Everyone! 

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