Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Boring dinners.

dinners are tough in this house. i pick up the kids around 4:30 at my mom's house... by the time we get packed up, loaded and then unloaded from the car... it is 5:00. At this point, Nolan is usually starving and CRANKY. 

dinners have to be quick. i have a menu i pick from weekly when i go shopping. tacos, pasta, chicken, ham steak, and mac and cheese are always in the rotation. i usually throw in a veggie which can be cooked carrots, corn, peas, or beets. and i end dinner with some kind of fruit and a small sweet treat. 

dinners are boring. i am not a cook. i wish i was. but i don't even know where to begin to become a better cook. i've tried pinterest. i've tried doing other people's recipes. i just don't have the talent to brainstorm and concoct wonderful family dinners. 

tim is a good cook. but he isn't home until 6:30. and the kids have no patience and will absolutely become hangry if they have to wait until 7:30 for dinner... not to mention it is bedtime! so i try to feed the kids simple, quick meals and then tim and i will eat leftovers of the dinner when the kids are in bed.

tim gets bored of the same dinners so he suggested a dinner delivery service (Blue Apron) so we could have a change in our menu. i agreed... and am very thankful i did! the dinners are really delicious. sometimes i think the dinners could be served in a restaurant! and the even better news... they don't take long at all to make! Tim usually cooks them up when i am giving the kids' baths and putting them to bed. 

last nights dinner was spiced beef pitas and garlic labneh with some arugula... it was one of the best things ever made in my kitchen!

it is so nice to sit, relax, and eat a delicious dinner after the kids go to bed... it is also nice not to be eating leftover and heated up ham steak, mash potatoes, and corn.

**Day 113 with no fun sugar! Monthly Weigh-in is coming soon!**

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