Saturday, April 29, 2017

A May Goal.

it has been almost four whole months since i gave up sugar. i'll be posting a weight update on may 3rd... but until then i wanted to share that i have been having the "itch" to exercise lately. i've been going on walks with landon and nolan on trails around my neighborhood... and i can picture myself running through them. i haven't had the feeling to want to run in years. not sure if it is because i have more energy and running doesn't sound exhausting... or maybe deep down i know that i won't have to run with an extra 30 pounds on my body anymore...

but, before i decide to hit the pavement, i need to strengthen my body. the only exercise it has gotten in the past year is picking up nolan. i've tried running a few years ago at 190 pounds and it caused a stress fracture in my knee. and i don't want to go to the orthopedic doctor again for MRIs and knee braces. 

i am going to take some time and do some strength training before i start running again. i am going to do the 30 day shred starting on May 1st...Monday! i plan on working out for those 25 minutes for 30 days straight and wrapping up the program by the end of may. 

i am sharing this because i hope it holds me accountable to get my exercise clothes on and do the shred every day in may! i've had great results in the past... and hoping to tone this body and maybe prepare it to start running again. 

here is to getting this body moving for the first time in a WHILE... it's going to hurt. bad.

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