Saturday, March 18, 2017


leggings. i love leggings. they are the coziest pants i own. i have five pairs of black leggings. two pairs are maternity. one pair is from old navy. and the last two are from kohl's.

once the weather got cool in the fall, i went straight to leggings. i wore leggings with my dresses. and i wore leggings with my longer tops. heck, at home i would wear leggings with a sweatshirt.

i love leggings... until i went to put on my dress pants a day in december and realized i no longer could button them. any of them.

without even being aware of it, i stopped putting on a pair of pants with a button. at work. at home. out with friends. i was only wearing leggings. lovely, beautiful, STRETCHY leggings. those things fit PERFECT every time. like a glove!

when i could no longer button my biggest pair of black pants, i knew i had a problem. those pants were already known as my fat pants.  i knew that i crossed way over the line and i needed to start making changes sooner than later. there was no way i was going to buy even fatter pants!

so... i was determined to start wearing dress pants again during the week. a goal i had was to fit back in my dress pants by february. and by the beginning of february... the goal was met!

i also decided that i had to wear real pants during the week at school. i couldn't wear leggings ALL week anymore. but i could definitely wear them at night for bedtime!

i love my leggings so much that i made a small goal. for every month i went without sugar i would buy myself a pair of lularoe leggings.  i heard great things about how soft they were, and i thought this would be a great motivator!

and it has been... i love taking off those dress pants when i come in the door and slipping into a cozy pair of leggings. i had to figure a way to wear leggings, but not all day... every day. because these beautiful, amazing, stretchy pants are so comfortable... but dangerous.

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