Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kid Free Weekend

Tim and i had a wonderful kid free weekend together. i was looking forward to the weekend away and a break from everything.

we dropped the kids off at my parents house around 11. we were heading to the beach to find the perfect beach house for our vacation in June. in the past, we would buy a box of donuts holes and eat them the whole ride down to the shore. this time... i had nothing! i ate a healthy breakfast and knew it would hold me over until we got to the beach around 1.

for lunch, i ordered a bowl of french onion soup and had a few nibbles of Tim's crab cake sandwich and fries.

after our lunch, we picked out our beautiful beach house. then we decided to stop by the candy store and buy some sweets for my mom and dad. they love salt water taffies and we thought it would be a good way to thank them for taking care of the boys. well... holy moly. the minute i walked in the door, my mouth started drooling. the smell... was amazing. candy of all kinds were everywhere. every corner i turned, i saw more and more favorites of mine. chocolate eggs. fudge. malt balls. candy bars. circus peanuts. chocolate pretzels. jelly beans. gummy bears of ALL flavors. it was a beautiful sight.

i went straight for the salt water taffies and ran to the front desk to pay for them. it was probably one of the hardest challenges i had in the past few months... but i made it! by the skin of my teeth... i decided to put the dark chocolate coconut egg down at the last minute. 
tim and i then drove to king of prussia to have dinner at one of our favorite places... Capital Grill!
i prepped a little before hand and told myself i was not going to eat any bread. i didn't want to stuff myself before dinner!
i ate a delicious wedge salad. 

and enjoyed my fillet dinner. as much as i could... i was stuffed halfway through! 
tim finished the weekend off by using the leftovers in a salad tonight for dinner. 
it was a relaxing weekend and much needed. i wish we had the opportunity to go away together more often. life is so busy and when we are together we are doing a thousand other things, especially with the kids. it was nice to be just the two of us and made us realize why we fell in love with each other in the first place. 

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