Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Favorite Healthy Foods.

I hit the 70 day mark of no "fun" sugar. 10 weeks. about 2.5 months. i can honestly say, it is so much easier now! and this is coming from someone who is addicted to sugar. i definitely have moments when i all i can think about is a cadbury egg. or a manger special donut from Dunkin... but it feels good when i walk away and snack on other things.

i realized for me to give up some of my favorite foods, i had to substitute those foods with other foods that i love that do not have sugar.  one of my favorite things to eat is an olive. yep. an olive. i love ALL olives. olives have no sugar!! so i buy a new kind of olive every week. and pack them in my lunch every day. and snack on them after work all the time.
(Blue Cheese stuffed olives are my favorite! I can eat them like candy!)

something else i LOVE are veggies and dip. the dip has to be a GOOD dip. i buy a ranch veggie dip every week as well. i cut up celery, carrots, cucumber, and broccoli and place them in the plastic bags for the week. i take a small container of dip and veggies to lunch every day. i am always so excited to eat it! this is also easy to grab and snack on when i get home from work while i wait for dinner.
(This is by far my favorite veggie dip!)

when i am hungry before bed at night, i pop a few blue diamond almonds. i buy a new flavor every week. these are delicious and i love the flavoring on them. i figured some flavored almonds before bed is healthier than a handful of m & m's!
(I haven't found a Blue Diamond almond flavor I don't like!)

what are some your favorite foods that are healthy?

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