Tuesday, March 28, 2017


When i decided to stop eating sugar back in january, i realized i needed to do a better job planning my lunches.

my mom feeds my boys lunch every day. and tim has this amazing cafeteria at work that serves breakfast AND lunch. so shopping for lunch stuff was never really on our radar when doing our weekly grocery trip. 

i also would be so busy taking care of everyone else in the morning, that i would run out the door and go to work with no lunch. i would buy a diet coke from the vending machine. i would buy a turkey sandwich with cheese in the kids' cafeteria. i would buy doritos to munch with the sandwich and for dessert... a bag of skittles from the vending machine. 

when i went to the store, i decided to buy food that was easy to pack. i don't have the energy to prepare salads and make sandwiches. i needed quick, healthy and easy to throw in a bag snacks. i've been packing veggies and dip, fruits, cheese sticks, almonds, cheese and crackers, olives, peanut butter, turkey, and yogurt. i try to find something new and exciting at the grocery store every week to add to my lunch. this past week, it was a pickle!
lunches and snacks have been my main priority with grocery shopping now. i realized if i can have easy, delicious options to choose from, i am less like to crave sugar and eat junk.

what are some quick, healthy lunch ideas that you pack in your lunch bag?

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