Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Many of you know that i am not a fan of water. in fact, i hate it. i hate the way it tastes when you drink it with food. if i drink water, it has to be ice cold water. it can't be room temperature. it tastes horrible that way. i am jealous of anyone who loves drinking bottles of water. and then continuously refills it during the day... i wish it was me!

because of this, i have very limited options of what to drink. i have always hated the idea of drinking calories. so i don't drink juice. or lemonade. or anything else with sugar. so to solve this problem, i really only enjoyed and drank diet coke.

i love a diet coke. an ice cold diet coke... even better if it pops out of a vending machine or served in a restaurant! i know diet coke is not good for me. i have read the research and i understand it, and yet... i still love it. i was starting to drink way too much diet coke too. i had a feeling this had to do with my love for sugar, so i decided to give the diet coke up as well. i did it both times pregnant with the boys... i knew i could do it not being pregnant. 

this meant that i had to find something to drink in place of diet coke that i could enjoy. i have a couple friends who drink sparkling water... so i thought i would give it a whirl. i bought many boxes (and by many... at least 15) of different flavors and different kinds of sparkling water. it took about a month, but i finally found it. WEGMAN'S sparkling water! it can ONLY be the orange flavor. but i can drink it and feel like i can stick with it! 

i miss diet coke. it will always be my first love. and first drink of choice. but, i needed to step away and look at other options. see what else was out there. wegman's mandarin orange sparkling water... you have BIG shoes to fill!

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