Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pregnancy- Take Two

When i found out i was pregnant again with number two, i was petrified. i remember thinking how am i going to do this again for nine long months? i was having flashbacks to being pregnant with landon. enlarged spleens. elevated liver levels. cancer scares. hemorrhoid surgery. could i do this again?
(34 weeks!)

i didn't tell anyone i was pregnant for at few days. not even tim. i called the doctor to make my appointment. and joked with the secretary telling her that she was the first person i told that i was expecting. 

my first appointment was on june 4th. i was a NERVOUS wreck. my body was shaking uncontrollably when i went into the office. the nurse took my blood pressure and it was the highest it had ever been in my life. she talked to me and calmed me as the appointment went on and she had to take it three more times before i left.

on june 12th i went for my first ultrasound to check on the baby. everything looked great. it became real. tim and i decided to keep quiet until the first trimester went by. we wanted to make sure everything was going to be fine. 

i went back to my doctor in july. my blood pressure was much better. i told her that my only goal for this pregnancy was to be drama free. no spleen scares. no liver scares. no hemorrhoids. she understood and called me her spleen girl. 

my pregnancy went along nicely until week 26 when those hemorrhoids decided to rear their ugly faces. the pain was unbearable but i was petrified of surgery again. i suffered and suffered for two weeks.  around that time, i also fractured my ankle and required a big boot on my foot. i hobbled and waddled for six weeks. but still, could totally manage.  

after those bumps in the road and that little bit of drama, the rest of my pregnancy went wonderfully. i felt good. and was very happy and excited to meet the newest addition to our family.
(38 weeks!)

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