Monday, February 1, 2016

Deciding on Another...

Oh. boy. It has been such a long time since i blogged. i am blaming it on being a full time mom and working full time. oh. and also being pregnant over the past 39 weeks. exhaustion is the only excuse i can come up with.

i don't even know where to start. to catch up. to make sure that the new baby has a little information. just like landon does.

i'll start with last march. march of 2015. a friend of mine had a beautiful baby girl. she also had a tough delivery with her first. but she told me how different the second delivery was. how different the second baby was. how much easier everything was the second time around. i shared this information with tim and he kind of looked at me funny, but after thinking about it more, i thought maybe we should start trying for a sibling for landon. if it is meant to be, it will happen. and if not, we would be totally fine with one kiddo. tim was on board.

well... a month later we found out we were pregnant with number two. tim and i were scared to death. it happened so fast. i remember thinking a baby in the early spring would be perfect, and we were shocked to discover the due date being in January. January 24, 2016.

our lives were about to change again. we were scared of everything. we were scared of being pregnant again. we were scared of the delivery. we were scared of reflux. we were scared of colic. we were scared of torticollis. we were scared of hearing problems. we were scared of helmets.

when most people find out they are pregnant, they think about the gender. they try for a girl. or a boy. and hope for one more strongly over the other. i can honestly say that tim and i could care less what the outcome was. we wanted a sibling for landon. but most importantly all we cared about was a healthy, happy baby.

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