Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Doctor

when i found out i was pregnant four years ago, i realized i needed to find an ob. i always did my check ups through my family doctor and had no idea where to even start, but there. i remember calling my family doctor and letting the secretary know that i was expecting and i had no clue what to do. she told me i needed an ob and gave me a list of suggestions. she mentioned chester county ob, she mentioned a dr. delaney, she mentioned great valley ob, and then she said did i mention dr. delaney? and if not, i strongly recommend that you call her first. and that is exactly what i did. 

the first time i met her, she was busy, quick, but kind. i liked her. she also was very supportive through all the craziness when i was pregnant with landon. she was very thorough and wanted to make sure i was at my healthiest when delivering him.

over christmas, i went to my 36 week appointment. she asked me how i wanted my delivery to go with the newest baby. i told her i was frightened of delivery because of everything with landon. the 42 hours of labor. the four hours of pushing. the broken clavicle. the weird shaped head. the torticollis. and of course my hemorrhoids. she then told me that if this delivery becomes long and hard that she would consider a c-section. this made me feel better. she also told me that she would try to make this next experience like a spa. i told her i was holding her to it. 

the following week, on January 4th, i saw dr. delaney again. everything looked great. the baby was measuring right on. blood pressure was good. and right before i left, she said "i want to induce you at 39 weeks." i was shocked. never in a million years did i think this baby would come early. in fact, i was planning on a super bowl baby since landon came two weeks late. dr. delaney was concerned about everything that happened with landon and my body during the first delivery and she thought it would be best to induce me early. i figured she knew best. she has been doing this for years and years. i wanted a healthy baby. i wanted to be healthy. i agreed with her professional decision and scheduled my induction date before i left the office. january 18th., 2016.
(Landon trying out the new toys before the new baby arrival!)

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