Tuesday, February 9, 2016

a winter baby.

when i found out i was due in january with Nolan i was so disappointed. i honestly HATE the month of january and it is my least favorite month. and february is a close second behind. i hate the excitement of christmas being over. i hate the idea of the long, cold month ahead. january is a LONG month.

as fall approached, i realized just how quick my pregnancy will go being due in january though. i mean it is holiday after holiday in the fall/early winter. i liked the idea of my pregnancy feeling fast since landon's seemed to go on forever. i think it is because i was pregnant with him during a whole school year.

i loved being in my second and third trimester in the fall and winter. i was hot all the time and loved the idea of it always being cold outside.

and then came the delivery. i also loved delivering in the winter. when i had landon in june, it was the start of the summer. it was hot. i felt horrible putting him in a car seat in my car. but there were picnics. and parties. and barbecues. i mean... it was summer! i felt bad staying in and trying to recuperate. i didn't want to miss anything! in january, no one parties. no one has barbecues. no one does picnics in the middle of the winter. we can stay in pajamas all day and have no guilt. because there is NOTHING going on. in fact, most of our family and friends are probably doing nothing too.

now... there are also some drawbacks on a winter baby. landon had a cold the thursday before the baby came. and it lingered and lingered. week after week. we told him to only kiss the baby's head and feet. but of course, we couldn't dodge it for long. the baby got his first cold last monday. nose sucking and propping became part of our routine. he finally beat it over the weekend just in time for landon to spike a fever, catch a terrible cough, and have an ear infection. i need to put this baby in a bubble. sick babies make me a little nervous!!

all in all, having a baby in the dead of winter is definitely the way to go if i can keep him healthy over the next couple of months. he will be the perfect age this summer to enjoy! but until then...

Baby, its cold outside!!

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