Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Baby weight.

when i started this blog YEARS ago, it was all about my weight struggles. the ups and downs. i went from writing in journals about my weight and food to blogging about it. i love food. especially junk food. and i have such little control. i love to eat.

when i found i was pregnant with nolan in may, i decided i didn't want to gain as much as i did with landon. i packed on sixty pounds with that guy. i also didn't want to get heavier than what i was with landon. those were my goals.

luckily, i didn't have cravings for mint chocolate chip ice cream every night like i did while pregnant the first time around. my only big craving i had was a coke. and a ranch dorito here and there. since i could only drink a certain amount of caffeine every day, i was able to control my coke intake to one can a day.  i think this helped with my weight gain.

in the beginning of my pregnancy, i remember going to doctors appointments and not gaining any weight. or gaining just a half pound. during the second trimester, i gained maybe a pound or two during my monthly check ups. only one appointment, i remember gaining five pounds.

i ended up putting on a total of thirty pounds with nolan. half the amount than i did while pregnant with landon. and it is hard to believe but i am two pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight. the weight i gained has easily come off with very little change to my diet. i did stop drinking coke though... for some reason, it just doesn't taste as good as when i was pregnant!

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