Sunday, July 20, 2014

two weeks.

i made it two weeks. i think i heard somewhere that it takes two weeks to break a habit and form new ones. it has definitely been easier as the days go by...

here are some changes i have made over the past two weeks:

  • 30 minutes of exercise every day: i have been running on the treadmill almost daily and i have also implemented The Shred into my exercise routine to start toning up some soft and mushy spots on my body.
  • cutting out soda: i was drinking soda WAY too much. like everyday... sometimes twice a day. both regular and diet. i decided to only splurge on a diet soda if i was out and about. and that has been working.
  • water: since i cut out soda, i have been drinking only water. i add ice and a squirt of lemon juice and i have been able to tolerate it.
  • planned dinners and snacks: meals have been much more planned over the past two weeks. grocery shops have been organized. this has helped with eating out and ordering a last minute pizza.
  • sugar: sugar is my weakness. can't get enough of candy, cakes, cookies, and any sweet in general. i have really cut back on the sugar. i had to stop drinking coffee because i can't drink it without a TON of sugar.
i have to admit that i have been feeling much better over the past couple of weeks. i even feel as though my skin is looking better. strange. i know. i will admit that my body hurts. especially the right ankle. i think this is because i broke it last summer and haven't exercised on it EVER since then. hoping it will get stronger and feel better soon. i have a lot of weight using that ankle right now. maybe, as i drop pounds, it will be better. 

my goals for the next two weeks are:
  • exercise 30 minutes a day
  • eat a vegetable every day.
  • only step on a scale on Sunday
wish me luck!! 

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