Tuesday, July 22, 2014

a set back.

i have hit a bit of a bump in the road on sunday. i ran amazingly on sunday. i felt SO good. i could feel myself being the runner i use to be. i loved EVERY second. then, i came home and took a nap during landon's nap time. and then i woke up....  with the worst knee pain ever.

not sure where it came from. i didn't feel like i injured it at any point on the treadmill. i wasn't going very fast and did a good walking warm up and cool down.

i keep wondering if it is from going back to exercise. i feel like my knee hurt last time i tried working out again. i have eased myself into working out... not going super fast. mixing in walking. and going no longer than 35 minutes... and that is with a warm up and cool down...

i went to the hospital to get my knee x-rayed and it came back fine. the doctor mentioned to me to go to a sports medicine doctor to get a clear picture of my knee with an MRI. it could be injured from the 20 years of long distance running and trying to workout out on it is wearing it down.

deciding what to do is tough. i am wondering if i just wait it out with ice and ibuprofen, the pain will go away eventually and i can work out again. or should i go to the doctor to check it out so i know it isn't anything serious.

decisions... decisions....


  1. That's frustrating for you and I hope your knee feels better. Are you able to walk without pain? I've recently committed to being more active and eating healthier too.

    1. hello!! thank you so much! walking is the worst... and going down stairs... and up them... and bending down... jeez, i can't do much of anything! way to go on committing to being more active and healthy!! it is tough, but i keep telling myself, it is worth it! :)


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