Thursday, July 17, 2014

trying it solo.

i am almost to the two week mark of eating healthy and exercising... i haven't really told anyone that i was starting to try to eat healthy and exercise again. tim knows. my mom kind of knows. and that is about it.  i am keeping it quiet because i am scared to fail once again. i have failed at this weight loss thing way too many times over the past two years. 

i was debating on joining weight watchers... i thought maybe going to weekly meetings would hold me accountable to stay on track through the days. however, as of right now, i am doing this whole thing solo unless i really feel as though i can't follow through with becoming healthier. 

today, i cleaned out all my dressers and closets. it felt good to put clothes in trash bags that i haven't worn in years! i realized i have three sets of clothes... my before pregnancy clothes, my during pregnancy clothes, and my after pregnancy clothes. i hate them all. so i bagged up everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. my plan is to slowly buy new clothes that fit this awkward body. i am starting with the workout clothes and then transition to work clothes. 

i did keep a few dresses from my pre pregnancy days. i LOVED them. i am not sure i will ever fit in them again, but i guess i can hope! 

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