Wednesday, July 16, 2014

i made it.

i made it!! the weekend turned out great. tim really helped me through it. we started off friday night with a home cooked meal. we then decided to go grocery shopping for the week on saturday. this helped us buy dinners for saturday and sunday.

we went the whole weekend NOT eating out. this is huge for us!! i wasn't faced with temptation at every corner. i wasn't faced with the decision of choosing a salad over french fries. or a grilled chicken sandwich over buffalo wings. i am not ready for that yet.

because of the successful weekend, i treated myself to a pedicure and an eyebrow wax. it felt good to spoil myself for an hour and take care of me. something i really have forgotten how to do... or maybe just felt guilty doing.

going to the gym is coming along. i am working my way up to running 30 minutes without stopping. my goal is to accomplish this by the end of this week. i am now successfully running 25 minutes at a 12 minute pace without stopping.  i started this journey barely being able to run for two minutes. i have been increasing minutes slowly every day and i can feel myself getting stronger.

i also attended an abs class yesterday. and boy am i EVER so achey today. i was DYING on the floor trying to do crunches with my post baby/food pouch of a belly. a couple times, i had to just stop and watch the others do the ab workouts... one lady was doing them all with a weight in her hand!!! what!? WHAT!?

and i will end this post with a picture of my little guy. he has been a bit under the weather lately with spiked fevers... praying he feels better soon and whatever his little body is fighting gets beat.

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