Wednesday, July 9, 2014

mini goals.

in the past i did weight goals... if i lost 5 pounds, i earned a pedicure for example. this time around i HAVE to do something different... because it is way too hard to wait to around and lose five pounds. i have no patience. i reflected on this and came up with a new plan.

i decided that every day that i complete thirty minutes of exercise and eat healthy, i will earn something the next day. it is like INSTANT gratification.

so on sunday, i ate healthy (no exercise), but ate healthy. i decided on Monday to buy a new pair of sneakers... it has been 4 years since i bought a pair!!

on monday, i ate healthy and worked out for thirty minutes. so on Tuesday, I decided to treat myself with a gym membership to the local YMCA.

on Tuesday, i ate healthy and worked out for thirty minutes. so today, i purchased new running socks, since i can't even tell you the last time i bought new socks. gross. i know.

if i do well today, i am buying myself new workout shorts tomorrow, since NONE of my old ones fit me anymore.

I already got my workout done this morning... thirty minutes on the treadmill! and it wasn't too bad. it was a little strange because there is babysitting at the gym. so i had to drop off my little guy and leave him with strangers. this was very weird, but i realized it is something i NEED to do to feel better about myself. Landon did wonderful and easily transitioned in and out of the play area.

i have figured i am going to create mini goals and focus on these goals two weeks at a time. for the next two weeks, my only plan is to eat healthy and workout for thirty minutes a day.

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