Tuesday, July 8, 2014

operation feel better about myself.

this weight thing will always be a battle simply because i love to eat. every time i decide to jump back on the wagon, i like to write about. i started to write in my notebook. i was writing my goals. i was writing my exercise plans. but i realized this would be so much EASIER if i typed it. so back to the blog.

i am embarrassed by my eating. i am embarrassed by my lack of exercise. and i am embarrassed by the way i look. but i need to accept what i look like and start doing something about it. so i did...

i joined a gym. it was the first time i did this as an adult. i always thought they were a waste of money, because you can just exercise outside, but exercising outside just wasn't happening in my case. in fact, NO exercising was happening. i haven't ran since 2011. CRAZY to type that.

i am not making a weight goal. i just want to feel better about myself. the first two weeks are going to be tough. in fact, the first two days have sucked. but here we go... again.

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