Thursday, July 10, 2014

first swim lesson.

it has been five days when i decided to start to feeling better about myself... feels like longer. ugh.

to be honest, eating healthy has been easy since i trashed everything "junk" in my house on sunday when we got back from vacation. we also went grocery shopping on sunday and bought a ton of healthy food for dinners and snacks... that helps.

the hard part is making healthy choices when i am on the run. today, i took landon to Sky Zone, which is an AMAZING place...i'm talking trampoline galore! on the way home, a friend and i decided to do wendy's for lunch. crap. i could do a salad. but i really don't enjoy fast food salads. so i chose to just order a grilled chicken sandwich and call it a day. i did. and it worked.

it has been bit of a crazy day, but i am hoping to squeeze in thirty minutes at the gym tonight. last night, landon had his first swim lesson at the YMCA and it was no joke. it is no longer singing songs and swooshing my baby around the pool. we were doing back floats, kicks, and arm strokes... needless to say, he slept GREAT last night.
(Landon's "cheese" face before his first swimming lesson)

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