Friday, July 25, 2014

an update.

well. the knee is doing horrible. can't really function without a high dose of pain killers... but even when i take those, i still feel pain.

i went to the my family doctor yesterday because the pain continues to be unbearable. he basically said ice, elevate, and ibuprofen. he thought maybe a stress fracture, but that didn't show up in the x-ray. i was hoping he would send me to get an MRI... but that was a no go.

i go to the orthopedic specialist next thursday... ughhhh! that seems so far away! my family doctor mentioned that the orthopedic doctor will take a look and maybe suggest an MRI... which means i have longer to be in pain.

pain is the worst. i do not tolerate it well at all. i always think to myself, "what if this pain NEVER goes away and i have to live with it for the rest of my life." i scare myself.

even through the knee injury, i have been eating healthy. i won't step on a scale until sunday, so i am not exactly sure how weight loss is going. i am not really too concerned, because all i want now is to feel better. i want to be able to take a step without cringing.

it will be a week on sunday since my knee injury. praying that the knee heals on its own and i can go back to walking normal. because... i miss doing that.

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