Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday and an Update

I thought i would start this post with a helmet update. Landon has been wearing a helmet 23 hours a day since September 17th. i am going to be honest, i was really sad when we first put him in a helmet. i never got the chance to be a mom who had a head I could kiss all day. or smell the fresh baby powder smell. instead i kissed plastic. and smelled sweaty socks. but this is a process i am SO HAPPY we decided to do for our little guy. without a doubt, it was the HARDEST decision we had to make as a family but one i don't regret for even a second. 

We are on our third and final helmet. the nice helmet lady told us we have around six weeks left of wearing a helmet full time...give or take. SIX WEEKS!!!! that seems like nothing. there are a couple of places that need to grow in still on his head... and few places that need to be pushed around. and then we will be good to go... 

How many of you moms out there have THREE molds of your baby's head... talk about lucky! ;)

 The biggest change is his cheeks! his face is finally becoming symmetrical!
 In this picture you can see the eye pop out along with his forehead... 
 September 17th
February 17th
And here is Landon sporting his new helmet!
Weighed in this morning... 174.6. that is a .6 weight loss... I'll take it!! :)

Next weigh in: Wednesday, March 6th.


  1. 173.6 - 1 lb last week!

    you can see such a difference with your little guy!! SO EXCITED!

  2. He looks great!! can't wait to see him in person soon! :) Griffin says Hi!


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