Thursday, February 7, 2013

dreading exercise.

i bumped into a friend last night who wanted to know why i dreaded exercise. this answer is short and brief.

i feel too big to exercise. 

does that make sense? let me explain...

i tried "the shred" back in september and my body just couldn't handle it at 194 pounds. my body HURT. that workout CD is not meant for me to do at 194. it is meant for me to do at 165. my knees couldn't handle the pressure of all of my weight. they HURT.

i tried wearing work out clothes. nothing fits. and i refuse to buy "fat" workout clothes. i want to fit in my old workout clothes. i will not budge on this issue. i won't even tell you what i was wearing when i was doing "the shred" back in september. it was a sight to see.

i will compare myself to how i use to be. i was a MARATHON runner. i was able to run miles and miles and LOVE every second of it. i will not love running now. i am too out of shape to think about enjoying even a walk.

i know. it doesn't make sense. to lose weight, i need to exercise. but i am doing simple things... like running up the steps EVERY time i need something. or doing a little weight lifting with landon in my arms. no need for jillian. no need for work out clothes. no need to compare myself to the old "theresa."
do you dread exercise too? what are your reasons?


  1. dude. i have never been even as remotely in shape as you were. but when i lived at MU - i was in the BEST SHAPE EVER! walking up all the hills and what not.

    thankfully - weight had never been a really big issue for me - i don't know if you read my thank you aunt lori blog post or not.

    i could eat what i wanted - food wasn't a huge issue - and then i got a desk job. i was a little gooey - but didn't mind too much. then i got really sad about not having a baby when we wanted - and just got lazy.

    but i was 143 at our wedding. ONE FORTY THREE. what the WHAT. that's INSANE.

    but i've never exercised - ever. i can't wait to get out there and walk with fitzy every morning and then with jared and fitzy every night and WORK up to running - which short of the mile in high school - that i walked - i have NEVER done!

    it's a shame we don't live closer!

    1. i did read that post and really enjoyed it... i think i may have "liked" it. :)

      i love your word "gooey" ... that is EXACTLY how i feel. gooey. everywhere!

      i am looking forward to spring time so i can get out and walk.

      i agree! it would be nice to be close and motivate each other to work out and exercise!! :)


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