Monday, January 7, 2013

slowly changing...

i always have felt that losing weight is a lifestyle change. a lifestyle change that i am horrible at adjusting to... a lifestyle change that can be miserable. but, over the years, i have learned to "change" slowly. i usually fall off the band wagon pretty quickly if i try to change my eating/exercise habits all at once...

so i take small steps. i have yet to do any exercising...i'm still pondering how i am going to get it in and what exactly i am planning on doing... but figured i would start moving more in a week or two. if i tried counting calories and starting to exercise at the same time... i know i would be miserable. so i will wait to start an exercise plan... i will slowly change.

since tim and i have yet to grocery shopping, i have to continue going through my cabinet for quick lunches. today for lunch, i settled on a bowl of cream of wheat... i made it with a cup and a half of milk and four teaspoons of sugar... my whole lunch ended up being around 350 calories. and it was perfect on this chilly january day. 
(still in pajamas and slippers at noon!)

what changes have you made to your lifestyle to start losing weight?


  1. I'm all about taking it one step at time when it comes to weight loss. Focus on eating healthy for a while and the rest will fall into place!

  2. i have changed my grazing habits and eating at meals.

    normally i would graze all day but i am now being conscious of having breakfast and then a small snack and then lunch and so on.

    at dinner - i eat what is on my plate - the first time - giving myself the right size portions to begin with.

    i weigh in tomorrow!

    1. i am doing the same thing! i am trying hard to stick to eating just certain times of the day... and drinking water during any other time i think i am hungry!

      good luck on your weigh in!! fingers crossed for a loss!


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