Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the ultimate goal.

this is it. the time has come. starting tomorrow tim and i are on our way to losing the pounds... i have never in the past ten years started my resolution on new year's day... that is just ridiculous since i still have dinners and parties that day... so i usually start on january 2nd or the monday after the new year's. i have decided to start losing weight by counting calories... and once i get started maybe join a weight watchers meeting around the corner from me once a month.

my ultimate goal is to get out of maternity pants... pants that i love. pants that will be very difficult to let go. they have been my friends for just about a year but the time has come to lay them to rest. i am no longer pregnant and shouldn't have this wonderful luxury. i had my time. i had my glory. and now they must go.

tim and i had a wonderful new year's celebration together. landon made it to his usual time of 6:45... i doubt he will be joining us for a ball drop until he is about ten years old! tim and i ate some snacks and dips. we also had a few drinks to bring in the new year. we were planning on making an absolute horrendously unhealthy meal of fettuccine alfredo in a heavy cream garlic sauce but we were too full from snacking. but don't you worry... it won't go to waste. we are ending our 2012 today by eating the meal with my parents for a lovely new year's day dinner.
(new helmet design... i am having way too much fun blinging his helmet)

wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe new year!!

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