Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012... Hello 2013!

2012 has officially come to an end. it was the year of babies. many of our friends and family have had new babies enter their lives. and of course, we had Landon. who would have thought that a baby could bring so much joy and happiness to a home. tim and i have been constantly laughing and smiling as landon is growing and discovering the world around him.

here is the BEST of 2012

Bringing in 2012 with family and friends.
 The arrival of my twin nephews Charlie and Jacob in January.
The arrival of Landon Robert on June 6th.
Driving home for the first time.
Getting settled in our home.
 Landon's Baptism-August 6th
First dip- July 29th
Getting dressed up for Aunt Lauren and Uncle Harry's baby themed Halloween party.
Landon's first Christmas.
The Stokes Annual Pollyanna party with all the cousins.
i can't believe how fast six months have gone since Landon was born... tim and i squeezed each other tight at midnight... we had a lot of bumps in the road but looking at all these photos made me realize how fast time goes and how blessed we are to have a happy and healthy family to kick off 2013.

May you have a wonderful 2013!

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