Wednesday, January 16, 2013

my baby wears a helmet.

we have had a super busy wednesday! our day started off with another helmet appointment. landon's head is really changing and growing. however, he will still be wearing the helmet for at least another three months. we go for a measurement next week for another helmet... hopefully his third and LAST one.

i have to update my weigh in, of course... but thought i would share some random thoughts that a mom has when her baby wears a helmet.

1. my baby's head smells... not the good baby powder smell. i'm talking, wearing the same socks for three days straight in the same sneakers during a heatwave, smell.
2. i miss having a baby head to kiss and rub. but THANK GOD for the open air hole on the top that i can squeeze in a kiss... and that open hole is a PERFECT place to hold a ball... or a martini.
3. my baby loves people. he will stare, smile and reach to every stranger. i have tried to explain to him to stop drawing so much attention to himself. you are in a helmet!
4. my baby has one heck of a head butt. teeth... who needs them? (obviously, he doesn't) and a black and blue nose can easily be covered up by a touch of make up.
5. and finally, i can't WAIT for the day when we are told that my baby doesn't need to wear a helmet anymore... but until then... i will keep on blinging!! (NEXT DESIGN IS COMING SOON!!)

weigh day today. 183.6... that is 1.8 pound loss from last week. and 9.4 pounds total. next weigh-in is Wednesday, January 23rd.

How did your weigh-in go this week?!


  1. Replies
    1. this is AWESOME!!! i am so happy you are literally on the same weight loss journey as me... let's get out of these 180s!! :)


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