Tuesday, January 15, 2013

last night's dinner...

 yesterday landon and i went out for a late lunch/early dinner with a friend and my mom at applebees... i ordered the soup and salad without checking the calories first (BIG MISTAKE)... the half salad was 600 calories!! i ate a little more than half... and decided to skip the soup all together since i had a light lunch before going to the restaurant.

however, i was hungry again around 7, so tim created a low calorie dinner to satisfy the feeling... he made turkey sandwiches on an english muffin with a homemade avocado spread... the whole thing ended up being about 240 calories. this was much better to finish off the night with than a bowl full of ice cream.

Weigh day tomorrow... hoping to see at least a one pound loss on the scale since last wednesday's big drop!

Have you ever been super surprised by the amount of calories in a food?


  1. I gave my students an assignment to look up the calories, fat, etc in their favorite eating out meal. One guy had a Red Robin meal of 3700 calories!

    1. ohhh my!! it's those bottomless fries!!!!! :)

      i love that place.


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