Thursday, January 17, 2013

a confession.

i am ready to confess something. i am ready to admit something that i haven't been able to really say out loud. i recently mentioned it to tim last weekend... and it felt REALLY good to get it off my chest. here it goes...

i HATE yogurt. yep. you read correctly. HATE IT!

when i was young, i wanted nothing to do with it. it tasted sour. it made me gag. but then i started to diet, and i read how healthy yogurt is for you and thought... maybe my taste buds have changed. i remember thinking--i like baked beans now that i have "matured" i bet the same thing has happened with yogurt.

so i purchased my first yogurt. i had many girlfriends ranting and raving about chobani. i HAD to give it a shot. i didn't gag. in fact, i remember thinking... i could totally do yogurt. i would eat a chobani every day for lunch for over six months. over time, i starting to not "enjoy" it. i started to dread lunch because i packed yogurt. and then... i got pregnant...and HOLY FOOD AVERSION.

for the first time, since i was a child. i gagged on yogurt. i then began to gag on yogurt if the person next to me was eating it. i couldn't look at it. smell it. or even hear the foil being torn off the top without a gag.

so. needless to say, yogurt is not a part of my diet anymore. i wish i liked it. but i don't. I HATE IT. and don't even get me started on cooked carrots...

is there a healthy food you HATE?


  1. Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

    I hate yogurt with fruit chinks in it. It makes me gag. That being said I love my Fage Greej Strained yogurt but refuse to eat it plain unless I'm using it as a sour cream substitute.

    I used to hate a lot of foods, but since changing my lifestyle, I'm actually eating a ton of foods I used to hate growing up... Prime example, the onion soup I made yesterday. I HATED onions but I've grown to like them.

    One food I know I hate right now... Avocado. Blech. Texture, taste, makes me gag. :)

    1. your welcome!! you truly are such an inspiration on your weight loss journey!

      i have grown to LOVE onions! i like them raw or cooked... they add so much flavor to so many meals! and an avocado...i can seriously eat them like people eat apples... but they definitely have much more fat in the than apple! :)


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