Monday, January 14, 2013

can i get you something to drink?

they say one of the best ways to lose weight is drink LOTS of water. but, i have a problem... i am very rarely thirsty. which leads me to my big question... why should i drink when i am not thirsty?

i seriously don't get thirsty. i remember training for the marathon and i hardly ever got thirsty or sweat (unless it was 100 degrees outside). and my brother... complete opposite... he would drink a massive amount and of course, sweat a massive amount when he was finished a run.

when i was pregnant, i had to force water down me all day. i had a water bottle i carried around and made myself drink two of them a day. it was a miserable time. i just hate drinking when i am not thirsty. but the problem is... i can go the WHOLE day without have anything to drink.

i am trying to include more water in my diet, but it has been difficult. i always have a glass before bed because that is finally when i feel thirsty. now, i am on a mission to figure out how to drink more than one glass a day... even adding one more would be a bonus.
do you drink when you are not thirsty?


  1. it also goes the other way. i drink water all the time, so where do i go from here cuz it's not like i have soda or coffee to cut out of my diet...

    1. that is great question!! and is probably why you look wonderful! :)


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