Friday, January 4, 2013

coconut cookie oatmeal

i really enjoy reading other blogs... but surprisingly, there are only a few that i check in and read every day... one blog i have been reading since 2010, keeping up with katie (link is on the side of my blog website), when i wanted to lose weight for my wedding... her blog was featured on yahoo for her weight loss and i have really enjoyed reading it is great to get quick and low calorie recipe ideas from her blog every once in a while.

yesterday, as i was starving for lunch... i opened up the fridge and only saw a leftover container of pea soup...
i was not in the mood for it so i decided to see if there were any quick things i could make... well, i found it on Keeping Up With Katie! i whipped up some coconut cookie oatmeal! i scrounged around my kitchen and gathered all the necessary ingredients... i just added a teaspoon of sugar and vanilla and a tablespoon of chocolate syrup at the end...
not going to lie. it was just okay. it was like eating chocolate oatmeal but less sweet. but it was a total of 363 calories for lunch so it stayed perfectly within my allotted amount. and it was super filling!!
i couldn't dodge the pea soup for long... tim reheated it for dinner, but added a piece of garlic, parmesan bread to dip with it instead... i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings (uh hum, Tim) but i am happy the soup is gone... i was a little peed out. 
and i'll finish this post with a funny picture i saw on facebook this morning... i am not one to put these kind of things on my blog... but this made me chuckle.

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