Thursday, January 3, 2013

pee soup.. i mean "pea"

well, i made it through the first day. tim and i both admit it was really hard. it is always hard going from easily 5,000 calories a day to the normal amount. i have learned that getting through the first two weeks is always the hardest. so... ONE DAY DOWN!!

this is the first time that tim and i are losing weight together. he also just download the Loseit app... so funny to have him doing this with me... i am hoping he sticks to it for a long time and not just january. 

we have yet to start planning and shopping for meals. we decided to do all of that over the weekend... so for now we are just emptying out our fridge and freezer. we had a big bag of frozen peas in the freezer from when i was on my pinterest casserole kick. tim found a pea soup recipe and whipped that right up for dinner last night (he is REALLY good at making a dinner out of nothing.) it was okay but we added a few bacon crumbles on top to make it more enjoyable (well, as enjoyable as pea soup can be...) we have a ton of leftovers in the fridge so i am thinking we will be eating peas for the next few days... here is the recipe if you are interested in a quick dinner. i figured the calories to be about 450 for the bowl since it did have some cream and bacon in it. 

Pea Soup Recipe
(Disclaimer- Tim usually changes recipes... i think he added extra onions and left out the leeks)
(The color definitely freaked me out a little...)

on the landon front... he is acting a little off today... a little more crankier than usual. and his face is covered with clear snot and drool... and he can't stop putting the corner of the dumbo book in his mouth... the book has seen way better days! Teeth?! for the past four months, every time he acts funny, i ALWAYS blame teeth. but the little guy doesn't even have one yet!!! 

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