Saturday, January 5, 2013

kick off to the weekend.

i made it through friday night. friday nights are usually the nights i eat my face off. we usually order out and eat pizza, hoagies or chinese food. and i finish off the week with some kind of creamy martini made by tim. last night, tim brought home two salads from saladworks. it worked. it filled the hole. but in the back of mind all i could think of was sesame chicken with an egg roll...

this morning i woke up with a grumbling stomach. i made my coffee and did my usual morning routine.... as i was sipping my coffee and reading some news, i heard tim shout something from upstairs...i couldn't quite hear him and i decided to get up and check to see what all his excitement was about... with a grin on his face, he proudly said he lost four pounds already. really?

most people would be cheering for him. but you see, i am competitive and i have a really hard time losing. and for those of you who know me, know EXACTLY what i am talking about. this immediately made me more determined to stay focused. no way, no how, will he lose more than me... (oh, and most importantly, weigh less than me too!) 

after his weigh in, we were lucky enough to have my parents watch landon for an hour. we went shopping at BJs to stock up on formula and diapers... afterwards, we decided to run next door to Wegmans' and enjoy a nice lunch together... i chose to eat an amazing cup of buffalo chicken chowder. it was seriously Ahh-MAZING!!!! 
wegmans' is great for people who are counting calories... EVERYTHING in their marketplace is marked clearly with a little calorie card. tim put together an indian meal using the calorie cards and we figured his meal to be about 600 calories.
 finally, we ended the day eating gluten free... wegman's bruschetta is delicious!

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  1. It is not fair. Husbands lose weight so quickly. I can starve myself for a month and lose 4 lbs. Jake goes for a a quick run and loses 4 lbs overnight! Argh!


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