Saturday, December 29, 2012

landon's christmas story

christmas and babies go together like oreos and milk. it is a perfect mix. christmas has always been my favorite holiday... but throw in a six month old and it becomes even more magical. we had a wonderful christmas weekend celebrating with family. i always get the post christmas blues when everything is all over but this year i can cuddle and squeeze a baby to recover!

christmas eve was spent with my brother and his wife and all her family... our little babies (they have twin boys!) played with new toys but had more fun grabbing at each others' faces and pulling on clothes. we had a nice sit down dinner and you can just feel the christmas excitement in the air. 
landon was super excited for santa to arrive and woke up bright and early on christmas morning. tim made us hot chocolate and we gathered around the tree to begin opening presents. landon, of course, enjoyed the wrapping paper but his all time favorite gift was his soft Elmo book! 
we ended the day with a delicious dinner at my parents' house which included crab cakes and roast beef tenderloin. we all went to bed early that night and were looking forward to getting back on a somewhat schedule the next day.

stay tuned for my typical new years resolution. the resolution i do EVERY year (well except for the year i was pregnant.) i am focused and ready. it is time to try to lose twenty pounds (or more) for the ninth time. who wants to join me on my journey? my aunt and tim are already on board!! 

hope your family had a wonderful christmas and enjoyed the christmas cheer!


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