Friday, October 12, 2012

ENT update.

i meant to write this post sooner... but i was away all day yesterday and today with appointments for my little guy. we went to CHOP on thursday morning for a check up on the fluid in his ears. landon greeted Dr. J with a big smile as he walked in the door... however, that smile went away instantly when the doctor dug in those little ears with a couple tools to check them out. 

the results show that there is still a good amount of fluid in his ears. we discussed that it is important to get these ears cleared so we can reassess his hearing. we both agreed that language is going to be playing a big role in development soon. he will be doing surgery to remove the fluid and put tubes in when Landon is six months. so our date is set... December 11th... my little guy will be getting his first surgery. good news is thousands of babies get tubes every year... and the surgery only takes ten minutes! 

Dr. J said that we may see a difference in his hearing once the fluid is cleared. he told me a story about a four year old boy who got tubes and freaked out when he heard the sound of his own pee hitting the toilet. 

He also told me he took a good look at the audiology report. he explained that the left ear has moderate to normal hearing...(which is way better than what we were originally told)  and the right ear is moderate to severe. he doesn't seem worried about the left ear, but he did say he was concerned about the severity of loss in the right ear. so i keep praying and praying. i pray that fluid is the only thing causing this hearing loss. and that tubes will fix our whole problem. 

and as my sister-in-law says as she covers up one ear, "you don't need two ears to hear, I can hear fine with one." even if we have good hearing in one ear, i will be happy and feel very blessed... especially because of the report we got back in July.

and i'll leave you with a picture of my little guy.... i BLINGED his helmet!! 

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  1. My cousin had the same thing done as a baby and he's a perfectly normal 11th grade guy. If they could do it over 16 years ago, they can definitely do it now with the medical field having so many advances since then! Oh, and the helmet is SO cute!


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