Monday, October 8, 2012

are you listening?

three months ago, we were given the devastating news that landon has severe hearing loss. we were told both his ears were abnormal, but aidable. i was shocked. tim was shocked. our baby passed his right hearing test TWICE at the hospital... not once, but TWICE. and now the right ear has severe hearing loss? what happened to his hearing in six weeks?

two months ago, we went to the ear, nose, and throat doctor. he said there was fluid. but the fluid was not enough to cause the hearing loss we are seeing. he said we needed to wait for the fluid to drain so we can reassess his hearing and get a more accurate reading of his loss. he wanted to see us back again at 4 months... and that time is already now... we go on thursday to check the fluid in his ears. if there is still fluid... we are heading down the tube route...

every night before landon goes to bed... tim and i each bless his little ears. we pray that God will miraculously cure those ears and open them right up. we don't want to get our hopes up too high, but we think he is hearing better than we originally thought he did... he is startled and crying at loud noises. he turns his head when we shake a toy on his right or left side. he opens his eyes when we say his name during a bottle. he is cooing and talking constantly at different pitches. and i SWEAR he woke up from his nap this morning to the cat meowing her way up the steps...if we didn't get that hearing test done at six weeks, i would never even think he had any hearing loss... so we keep praying. we pray for those ears. for his torticollis. and now for his little noggin. he really had a rough start in this world... but he is such a happy, easy baby... you would never know it!



    praying and praying and rejoicing in his milestones with you <3

    and seriously - so cute!

  2. I'm praying for you. And he is so cute!!


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