Friday, October 19, 2012

freeze time.

i have been enjoying EVERY second with landon. he is so happy and very pleasant. he hardly cries. and since eight weeks has been sleeping between eleven to thirteen hours through the night without a single wake up for a feeding (i know that can stop at any point especially since i officially blogged about it and i may have jinxed myself)... at first i thought two months is the best time. but then he hit three months. and then i thought three months is the BEST time. but then he hit four months... OH MY! the laughing. the smiling. the cooing. and today, for the first time, he reached for me. i will admit it... i teared up watching that smile and outreached arms!

as happy and content as this little guy is, it is hard to believe everything he is going through and will be going through. he had an adjustment on his helmet today... his noggin is looking good so we are hoping to be in that second helmet sooner than planned! i can't believe he has been wearing it for a month now!  he wears it everywhere! we get a lot of stares... and little kids ask about it the the mall today,  i had one little girl ask me what was on his head... i told her he had to wear a helmet so he can have a good looking head like hers... she seemed to understand and went on with her mom. tim likes hiding it under a hat. i prefer to just show it. i think him wearing a summer hat over his helmet looks kind of ridiculous. ha! i just keep thinking... this will all pay off at the end!
and finally landon was scheduled for surgery on december 11th... turns out, where he was having it done (a CHOP branch in Chalfont) wanted him to go to the city for the tubes. the anesthesiologist was concerned with the torticollis and plagiocephaly (helmet) and wanted to make sure there was a place we could incubate him (exact words!) in case any problems occurred. we moved the date up to November 6th... two weeks!! i am feeling a little nervous now especially since they changed our original plan. landon will be exactly five months when he gets tubes.
so i think i updated everyone on our little guy. he is such a blessing and as much as i want to freeze time at four months... i really wish i could get a quick glimpse ahead to make sure everything with him will turn out fine.


  1. November is two weeks away?? AH! Try not to worry too much (haha, yeah...right...right?!). I'm sure the surgery will go great! hope you didn't jinx yourself with the long stretches of sleep! Can't wait til I hear my little man belly laugh and reach for me like Landon - such a great time! :) See you soon!

  2. Landon is a happy little boy from all the pictures you have shown us. And very handsome. Try not to worry too much (I know that is hard not to do). ((hugs))


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