Monday, October 8, 2012

the day my baby stopped napping...

i am blessed. very, very blessed. you see, landon is  an amazing sleeper. (hence the severe flat spot on the right side of his head)...

tim and i decided when i was pregnant that landon would begin sleeping in his own crib in his own room the day we brought him home. maybe we are selfish... but we wanted our bedroom to stay our bedroom and not have a baby join us. i remember the first week of him being home was a bit of a transition... he was in my nice cozy belly and now he was put in this big crib... but we swaddled. and swaddled. and swaddled... and in no time, he was use to his room and crib.

tim and i also agreed to not get in the habit of having landon sleep on us. that was a very HARD decision. he was so precious with those adorable eyes closed, little lips, and soft breathing. but we would squeeze, kiss, and put him down in his pack and play or crib... some times putting him down asleep were easier than other times during the first month... but now he has no trouble being put down after falling asleep. or even put down awake.

he is a phenomenal napper but... something has happened to nap time. he has hit four months. he has decided that the world is much more fun than going to sleep. he wants to hang out in his exersaucer. he wants to play in his gym. he wants to lay on his blanket and watch the ceiling fan. his little eyes can be struggling to stay open and he is determined to find something to focus on to keep them open. and when he finally does fall asleep... the little guy is up a half an hour later. little stinker. he is such a nosey little bug and doesn't want to miss anything.

so i continue staying strong. i put him down when he shows signs of being tired. sometimes it takes 2 minutes... sometimes over an hour... but i am determined to get him down for naps so he can be rested and enjoy the day.  he needs his sleep... he goes from being my little happy june bug to a miserable bear if he misses a nap.

did your little one stop napping easily at a certain age?


  1. My little man has ALWAYS hated naps. At first it was because of his acid reflux but even after we put him on medicine he still can be difficult to get to sleep sometimes. This past weekend people came over and woke him up when they came in and started talking and stuff. I tried to get him back to sleep but he threw a fit and was throwing himself around. I was sort of shocked and almost thought something was seriously wrong. But, as soon as I brought him into the living room where everyone was, he was perfectly content and happy. He, too, was just too nosy to sleep. Maybe four months is when they just really start needing less sleep. I mean, they have to stop sleeping 18 hours a day at some point, right? :) My problem now is that he depends on being swaddled to sleep and I'm afraid of trying to wean him from it. I guess I can't wrap him up like a burrito for the rest of his life. Anyways I read your other post today. You guys are in my prayers that everything goes smoothly. You have been through so much already and you're so strong! Hopefully God is just trying to get the hard stuff out of the way so the rest of your life can be smooth sailing. Having a baby has made me extremely sympathetic to other moms and babies/children. I mean, I even have a hard time watching babies or kids get hurt in a TV show or movies, I usually have to turn it off! So I feel for you and truly hope everything is ok. Good luck with his appointment and God bless! <3

  2. I guess I should point out that it's not like before I had a kid I LIKED seeing babies or kids get hurt on a TV show or movie or anything like that. It's just so much worse of a feeling now that I have a baby of my own. Oh gosh, I sound really bad. Hopefully you know what I mean lol.


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