Thursday, September 13, 2012

every three hours

i have been very aware of the amount of calories i have been consuming over the past week... i also made the decision to eat on a schedule. i have decided to eat every three hours. i eat breakfast at 7. and three hours later, i eat a snack. i eat lunch at 12. and three hours later, i eat a snack. i eat another snack around 5:30 since my husband and i eat dinner around 8:00 every night.

this eating schedule has worked for me ONLY because i am home. if i was teaching, there would be no chance for me have an eating schedule. not to mention, i would be exposed to the cafeteria and pizza bites. and hot dogs. and hamburgers. and cheese steaks. and chocolate milk.

i have been mixing up my snack choices every day between chobani yogurt, granola bars, crackers, and carrots with hummus. i plan on buying a new and different snack every time i go to the grocery store so i don't get bored. i also treat myself to a latte lite at dunkin' donuts a few times a week for 90 calories.

completed Day 7 of The Shred today... almost a third of the way finished! it is SO HARD. during the workout i feel the burn the ENTIRE time and i want to quit the ENTIRE time. after i am finished, my body is sweating up a storm, i am usually running for water but i am happy i did another day. working out is so mental... especially when every inch of your body is hurting.
i like The Shred because it is in the comfort of my own home. i am not ready to run outside in front of people yet. i am not ready to head to a gym and workout in front of people yet. i  just don't feel comfortable in my skin yet. so, The Shred it is until i get to that point...

do you feel uncomfortable working out in front of people?


  1. I wasn't sure you were doing the blogger challenge but I'm glad to see you are!! Good luck!! Hope we're all as successful as we're setting out to be!!


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