Wednesday, September 12, 2012

perfect time.

since i have been staying home... my mind usually travels all over the place. for example, today, i was walking landon around our block (okay, maybe up and down a hill since i don't live on a block) and i thought "September is the perfect time to have a baby." i am in NO way planning a second baby but i have friends who either delivered in the past couple weeks or are due super soon. i always thought the perfect time was may/june since the summer is the best time to take babies for walks and just take them out and about. landon was a pleasant surprise for tim and i and i remember thinking as i frantically tried to figure out my due date... "yes, MAY!!" but when you deliver in May and what i didn't know is... you have to deal with a baby in the heat. going for walks just don't happen. it is too hot. car rides are rough. the car is wicked hot.

september is perfect. the weather is perfect to get that newborn out and about. and the temperature is perfect. by the time december comes... your little one is old enough to not stress as much about the temperature. so for all you september mommies... enjoy this cool weather with your new little ones!

i completed Day 6 of the Shred this morning. it is definitely becoming much easier and i am hoping that by Day 10 i am ready to move to Level 2. Tim made me an awesome tuna salad last night... it was very simple and fast...he added a delicious homemade mustard dressing to it and helped it taste out of this world! 
life with landon is slowing down a little bit. however, we met with the helmet lady yesterday... he will be getting a helmet next week to keep on his head all day long. she told me his head shape is very severe because of the torticollis and looks like we will be going through two helmets. 

possible good news is that the shift in his head could be narrowing the ear canal... and therefore causing hearing loss. praying that this is the case for landon and once we start straightening his little noggin he will hear better. but again... not getting our hopes up too much. please keep those prayers coming... still hoping and praying for a miracle! :)


  1. When we finally decide to have kids, I'm hoping they're fall babies. Fall is my favorite time of the year, so I would LOVE to be able to take them for fall walks! We have a dog who can't tolerate extreme temperatures too well, especially heat, so I've been taking advantage of the cool weather and trying to go on some nice walks.

    1. as a child, i loved the summer weather BEST! but now, i am definitely favoring fall more... although, i absolutely hate the winter!! :)

      we have definitely been taking advantage of the chilly mornings and taking nice walks too! :)


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