Monday, September 17, 2012

minus two.

weighed in this morning...186.2... that puts me down two pounds... i'll take it! i ate healthy most of the week... however, the weekend... now that is a complete different story. tim and i attended a wedding and let's just say... i ate! the appetizers were out of this world. and at the end of the night... i left with a bag of candy... which i ate on sunday morning... for BREAKFAST!

i may have to cut back on the shred. ever since i delivered landon, my knees have ached. well fast forward three months, and now my knees are in pain from the minute i wake up to the second i go to bed... the only thing that makes the ache less is ADVIL. i am still walking a lot but depending on how my knees feel tomorrow will determine if it is a go ahead on Day 9 of the Shred.

one thing i really want to start toning and focusing on are my arms. they are disgusting. tim and i took many pictures on saturday and i HATED every one of them because of my arms. finally, we took one and i had tim try to hide my arms... and i kind of tucked them behind him... and our picture turned out looking more like we were "buds" than husband and wife. all because of fat arms.
speaking of fat arms... hoping that lifting this chunker every day will thin them out a little bit... he is starting to enjoy his exer-saucer! and it is so fun watching him!

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  1. Way to go on the two pound loss!! I have major knee problems, just got done with physical therapy after I found out my kneecap is out of alignment. It may be simple, but do you ice your knees after working out? If not, give it a try. It helps me a whole lot.


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