Saturday, August 18, 2012

what not to wear.

i have hit a wall on the weight loss. one of the big reasons is because i just love to eat right now. i love food. a lot. i have fluctuated up and down within five pounds for about six weeks. and i am realizing i need to make a decision.

i should either start busting my butt to fit back in my old size 8 clothes...or accept where i am right now and start buying a new wardrobe. i mean, don't get me wrong, i love maternity clothes but i know there will be a time that i will need to put them to rest.

for now, i will accept where i am...i need to head to the store and buy some new outfits that fit this new body. i am hoping not to be this weight forever but i need to start treating this new body different. i need to try to make it look as good i can get it. i know it will take me a while to lose this weight... that's just my body and my metabolism... so i might as well embrace it until i do.

No news on his hearing... we are still not sure how much he can hear... but we are hoping he hears more than we think he does. his next appointment with the Ears, Nose and Throat doctor is on October 11th...

We head to CHOP for a followup on his broken clavicle on Monday... and while we are there, the Physical Therapist referred us to get a little helmet for our little guy's head. i am sure we will have to go through some testing to see if he qualifies but we might as well keep on top of it all.

He is now able to turn his head to the left around 60-70 degrees.  i asked the PT last week how long we will be dealing with this torticollis... she said he has a very severe case of it, and she is thinking by the time he is five months.

his reflux is doing much better too! he has been such a happy baby since we started the medicine!

oh and our little chunker weighs in at 13.9 pounds (81st percentile) and 24.5 inches (89th percentile)... he is getting so big... and really LONG! 

he is loving his gym, books and starring at the television... he also enjoys tummy time!! 


  1. i am right there with you. fitzy was born in april and that next january i bought a new wardrobe cus i was like - holy crap - my whole body is different. even my tank tops don't fit me right.

    it wasn't until fitzy hit a year that the weight started to come off. i was going to wait till we were done having kids to try and get back to some sort of ideal weight - but since it looks like we are putting the whole thing on the back burner for a few years and most likely forever - i'm totally starting september 1st with nutrisystem i think!

    but here's the thing. at least for me - my body has just changed so much and i can't even get my 14's past my hips even though my wait could totally deal with them!

    praying for you and cheering you on in accepting this new body - it's frustrating at times!

    and we are PRAYING AND PRAYING for your little guy. fitzy always blows him kisses and wants to hug him through the computer! he is SO cute!

    1. thank you for praying for my little guy... it means so much to me... you are in my prayers every night as well!

      i just have no motivation to get moving and eat healthy. none. whatsoever.

      i considered september 1st to start working at this baby weight... but then i realized it is a saturday... during labor day weekend... picnics galore. so i decided on september 4th instead. :)


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